Privacy friendly server side analytics.

Be nice to your visitors and drop those annoying cookie banners, while you will be able to see all traffic and without any client side bundles. What is there not to like?

Smolbig application dashboard that shows analytics for the selected period
Total and unique views, over time per page and in total.

Growth spotting.

Dashboards that make it really easy to spot growing trends and, most importantly, what is successful and what isn’t. As a creator of products or content you want to see which article or product is driving traffic in an quick glance.

Traffic sources, referrers and UTM campaigns.

Find success.

It is one thing to know what is successful, but easy access to sources can say a lot about why it is. Based on referrers and UTM campaigns you can get a lot of insights where traffic is coming from and which partnership or campaign is succesful.

See all traffic for all page requests.

See all traffic.

You are able to see all pageviews and sessions, because data is recorded server side all requests are recorded. This gives you accurate analytics and a clear view on what actually happened.

Useful information like device type and origin country.

Useful, not creepy.

You don’t need last names, addresses, birthdates or session recordings to improve your product or website. But it’s helpful to know about the used browser, device type and country of origin.

It’s analytics
done right.


Privacy friendly analytics, build for growth. And it’s so easy to use, even your mom would understand.

Lightning fast,

Loading times that even surprises the Flash. We’re talking about your dashboards and the 0KB bundle size for your website.

All traffic for
great insights.


Gain better insights in your products or website. You will see all traffic and no sampling. How accurate have your website statistics been in the past years?

No cookies,
no banners.


Death to the cookie banner, so we don’t use cookies. Don’t distract your visitor and improve conversion. Some real cookies are nice though.

Segment all
the way.


Create and use the filters to get insights on a specific group of events. Pages, countries, devices, and custom events.

Enough seats
for everyone.


Collaboration is important and Smolbig encourages online safety, so you don’t have to pretend to be your colleague. Don’t pay per seat, just pay on success.

We need your help,
let’s build together...

We need your feedback to improve the product! Sign up for the waiting list and we will invite you to the private beta. We think that is the only way to make a great product, and that is what we are here for.