Make small big.

without concessions.

Because you are building a good company and treat your customers well.

We like that.

This is for you,
if you want...

Does that sound good?

We can help.

Annoying cookiebanner example

Death to
cookie banners.

Don't do user tracking or collect data you don't need. Be nice to your visitors and you can drop those annoying cookie banners.

Some pageviews are invisible

You'll see

Most analytics tools show only a small part of all visits. With Smolbig you will see all visitors, so you can really learn and improve your website.

Graph of a growing trend

for growth.

We focus on conversion and insights that matter. Tools to help you build, learn, improve and repeat. Grow your product and company.

Server side analytics, with focus on funnels.

It's in the details